How to Benefit from Vinod Dulal Yoga

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Yoga is an age-old technique that comprises of a set of asanas or body positions that helps you to integrate your physical, mental and emotional energies together and bring an overall balance/harmony to your life. It originated in Northern India centuries ago whose evidence can be found in many sacred texts of India. However, the reach of Yoga has not been restricted to India alone, but has spread widely across the globe. 

With the increase in the popularity of Yoga, different studies have been continuously carried out by various popular Yoga teachers and practitioners to make Yoga more helpful and boost its effectiveness for different physical aspects of the body. During this process, different styles of yoga and related philosophies evolved like – Vinyasa yoga, Ashtanga yoga, Iyengar yoga, Hatha yoga, etc. 

One such powerful yoga method, that is helping a large number of people to combat their weaknesses and increase their strength, stamina, and fitness, is – Vinod Dulal’s High-Intensity Yoga, you must have heard people calling it as High Intensity Power Yoga/HIIT Yoga as well.

Let’s see what makes Vinod Dulal’s High Intensity Yoga different from Regular Yoga –

  • Speed : High-intensity yoga is fast and dynamic.
  • Level of Energy and Efforts : High-intensity yoga’s structure includes a set of movements carried out in a fast motion to yield maximum results in minimum time.
  • Focus : High-intensity yoga is about bringing your body and breath in sync with one another.
  • Participation : High-intensity yoga is for the people who are ready to grind and sweat to achieve the apex of physical fitness.


One of the major differences between regular yoga and power yoga lies in the speed of movements. Yoga is about performing a specific asana and staying in that pose for a few seconds to minutes to make the most out of it. Whereas, high-intensity or power yoga involves performing different asanas one after another without in-between pauses, plus syncing them with specific breathing pattern. This makes high-intensity yoga more active and dynamic than the regular one. 

Level of Energy and Efforts

Unlike regular yoga, the fast flow of movements involved in high-intensity yoga will make you move, sweat, and raise your heart rate in very less time, similar to what you feel after a few minutes of brisk walk or jogging. This kind of high-energy approach makes you lose more calories in less time.


High-intensity yoga is more inclined towards the physical aspect of the body, rather than the spiritual. It is focused on enhancing stamina, strength, muscle power and fitness. Whereas, traditional yoga is more concerned with mental and spiritual balance along with physical stability.  


High-intensity yoga is for someone who’s looking for a result-oriented workout and has a commitment towards fitness as it involves promising fast-paced activities that need dedication and consistency. It is one of the best options for those who are looking for a complete physical transformation. However, HIIT yoga is not recommended for pregnant women or people with medical injuries.               

Benefits of HIIT Yoga

Helps To Burn The Tyres

Vinod Dulal yoga can bring a lot of change in the figures on your weighing scale. It includes practices that make you sweat, accelerate the metabolic rate and consequently burn the excess fat accumulated in your body. These activities minutely target the areas where excess fats are being accumulated and with a consistent workout of 5-6 days a week can help to reduce it remarkably. 

Builds Muscle

The capacity of your body to perform strenuous tasks depend heavily on your muscle power. And, high-intensity yoga majorly covers intense movements that stretch and tone the practitioner’s arms, shoulders, stomach, back, and legs, thus helping to build muscles, improve bone strength and flexibility.

Improves Stamina

Undergoing high-intensity yoga is about performing a stream of challenging exercises at a constant speed, which improves the blood circulation of the body and gradually develops stamina and endurance. Also, these exercises prove beneficial for the cardiovascular system of your body.  

Improves Posture

As these exercises tone your muscles, gradually your body starts correcting and perfecting its posture. This is especially required for people suffering from back pain, slip disc or any kind of misalignment in the body. 

Helps To Regulate Hormones

If you feel that you catch infections frequently or encounter mood swings more often, then your weak immune system may be responsible for this. Stress, workload, hectic routine, sedentary lifestyle, poor dietary habits can create a hormonal imbalance in your body and resultantly make the immune system weak and defenseless. However, high-intensity yoga helps to regulate your hormones by minimizing the secretion of stress hormones in your body and throwing various toxins out of your body through sweat and urine. 

Besides these physical benefits, there are infinite mental and psychological benefits that high-intensity yoga offers like improved focus, better sleep quality, and balanced temperament to name a few.

At Vinod Dulal Yoga Institute, we have witnessed numerous people who transformed themselves physically through our programs and significantly brought a  positive difference in their lives! It’s never too late to begin the process of transformation and give your body the best that it deserves. If you also want to be a part of VDYI community, get in touch with us now!

Registration Open – Online Traditional Hatha Yoga By Rohit Dulal

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