Yoga Classes

Known as the Best Yoga classes in Pune, Mr Vinod Dulal has 40 years of experience in imparting yoga to his students. He believes that Yoga is most powerful form of Therapy to overcome Physical, Mental & Emotional Challenges being faced by people in the modern world.

  • Yogasanas

For ongoing fitness regular classes with various asanas are conducted.

  • Pranayama

Pranayama the proven technique with numerous health benefits are is taught at the classes

  • Meditation

Sound Body needs a Sound Mind, Meditation an integral part of Yoga is covered indepth at the classes by Mr. Vinod Dulal

Candidates who are interested in joining the Institute undergo a counselling session with Mr. Vinod Dulal. In this session, candidates current medical status & needs are assessed & based on that recommended about joining the Yoga Batch.

The Institute houses two large & independent Halls for Yoga Batches!

Counselling room are provided for meeting with Mr. Vinod Dulal.

Training Batches

  • Number of Batches: 6 to 8
  • Batch size: 20 to 30 candidates
  • Duration : One Hour
  • Days: Monday to Saturday


Mr. Vinod Dulal

Mr. Vinod Dulal training his students.